The FreeWheel is right up your street! Whether your 'street' is grassy fields, snowy or uneven roads and paths, hiking trails, forest tracks and even the wheelchair's nemesis........cobbles, the Freewheel can deal with them all.

Made from strong aircraft quality aluminium with a simple clamp design Freewheel fits quickly and easily. The large 12" front wheel gives smooth ride over rough surfaces and when not in use attach the FreeWheel to the back of your chair with the included ´perch´ attachment (custom perch clamps available for oval/oversized tubes)

  • See image for footrest types
  • Minimum footplate depth 4" (102mm) - Maximum footplate depth 6 3/8" (162mm)
  • Please check with your wheelchair manufacturer prior to purchasing to make sure your footrest is strong enough
  • Maximum user weight - 280lbs (127 kg)
  • Footplates with height over 4 7/8" (123mm) need a custom frame - contact us for details
  • Footplates with angles of more than 12 degrees need a custom frame - contact us for details
  • Clamp requires some assembly/adjustment

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Product Description

Arguably the greatest ever invention for the wheelchair!

The FreeWheel has to up there with the most useful devices ever made for a wheelchair. The FreeWheel is what you need to easily traverse grass fields, snowy roads and paths, enjoy hiking trails and safely glide down bumpy paths and curbs. You no longer have to sit on the sidelines, always ask for help, or miss the fun.

No more looking down at your casters worrying if you're going to come flying out of your wheelchair, the FreeWheel creates a whole new way of pushing that means you can enjoy your surroundings.

The FreeWheel opens up terrain not possible with a standard wheelchair

The FreeWheel comes with a clamp to allow easy storage while not in use

Easily attached, removed and stored when out and about

Lightweight and durable, the FreeWheel quickly clamps to the solid footrest of a rigid-frame wheelchair. When you are not using it, you simply store it on the bar on the back of your chair using the included ´perch´ attachment. If you have a folding frame wheelchair check out the Folding Adaptor that will allow the Freewheel to be clamped onto your chair.

Simple, effective and ingenious!

The FreeWheel is one of those devices you should never be without if you are a manual wheelchair user. Whether you are an active user or need a little push, the FreeWheel will change your life. Everything from walking the dog/s, going to the shops, walking through the forest or just being in your garden, it just makes life that bit easier. Don't just take our word for it, check out the reviews, you won't be disappointed!

Easily clamps on to various footrests

For footrests higher than 120mm from the ground a custom FreeWheel can be made, contact us for details

Snow??? Snow problem at all! (see what we did there??)

We can provide the full range of spare parts, check out our spares page for details


  • Made from strong aircraft quality aluminium
  • Simple clamp design fits quickly and easily
  • Large front wheel gives smooth ride over rough surfaces
  • Attach the FreeWheel to the back of your chair when not in use with the included ´perch´ attachment
  • Footplates with height over 4 7/8" (123mm) need a custom frame - contact us for details
  • Footplates with angles of more than 12 degrees need a custom frame - contact us for details
  • Minimum footplate depth 4" (102mm) - Maximum footplate depth 6 3/8" (162mm)
  • Reviews
    Customer Reviews (9)
    Amazing product
    Amazing product!! Transformed my life immediately from the first use would highly recommend now I can go on longer walks and better walks with my dogs when before it would of been a massive struggle! Also I can now catch up to all my other friends who all have a freewheel. Only bad point is the rear bracket, freewheel repeatedly falls off the rear after using and trying all the different size adaptations! seems to be a known fault on the online reviews and on YouTube. Came up with my own solution in the end Review by Philip steven (Posted on 31/08/2021)
    One of the biggest gift of my life
    Thank you for the oportunity to be able to use Freewheel. With the help of it I managed to do the 42 km Budapest Marathon and I finished second.

    Kind regards,

    Review by Hollopapa (Posted on 05/10/2019)
    best invention yet for wheelchair
    This is my 2nd freewheel. They are so good . I literally wore the old one out, but dont worry it took 8 years of very heavy use to do that. I had no hesitation in buying a 2nd one. It makes life on wheels so easy. In the past week alone I have been on beaches and climbed the hill to enjoy Whitby Abbey. The service from Spokz was amazing. Quick delivery and the cheapest price I could find anywhere. So yes Freewheel gets a huge thumbs up from me and my dogs. We couldnt live without it Review by annie (Posted on 04/06/2019)
    Lowest price I could find on the internet, free delivery, ordered one day and delivered the next, what´s not to like about it!

    The free wheel works!
    Attach or remove in seconds. Took the dog over the park, pushed through long grass and gravel no problem.

    Ticks all the boxes, good product backed up with fantastic customer service!

    Thanks Spokz
    Review by Grumpy crip (Posted on 27/06/2017)
    I ordered the Freewheel yesterday & it was delivered today! Amazing customer service & extremely helpful. All fitted to the wheelchair and raring to go!! Yeay!....

    ....Well I´m just back from a 2hr ´walk´ and it handled fantastically - over potholes, rubble, steep hills, grass, mud, gravel & curbs. If you´re looking for something that ´enables´ you to become much more Independant without the assistance of someone else...then this bit of kit is for you! Thank you Spokz! : )"
    Review by Karen (Posted on 27/06/2017)
    freewheel review
    What a fantastic product,it make going over cobbles,unevenground so much easier . Review by greg (Posted on 27/06/2017)
    Fantastic !
    What a fantastic bit of kit ! I can now "walk" the dog and "run" with the grandchildren and as for Spokz they really do go that extra mile to help everything go smoothly . Review by Owena (Posted on 27/06/2017)
    Should have had 5 stars
    A great bit of kit which improves wheelchair handling even indoors, especially on energy-sapping carpet. It fits my elderly Quickie Ti perfectly.

    One gripe - the steering detent knob at the front could be easily damaged by bumping into things (it's plastic), and if you have it set quite light - my preference - sooner or later it's likely to come unscrewed and, potentially, lost. That's why it hasn't got 5 stars - no-one in the UK seems to offer spare parts so replacing it could be a pain. A non-setting sealant should keep it in place. Or a strip of black duct tape.
    Review by Ron Graves (Posted on 27/06/2017)
    I recently bought the off road pack from Spokz. The "Freewheel" is just amazing. I've been a wheelchair user for 5 years & only wish I'd bought one sooner. I can now go places I just wouldn't have considered before, over grass , rough uneven ground, even mud, without getting stuck. My advice for anyone who uses a wheelchair is to buy one, it really will transform your everyday mobility. Review by walter scott (Posted on 27/06/2017)
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    First impressions...

    Watch the FreeWheel setup video here......

    This video will show you how to setup the FreeWheel on a manual rigid frame wheelchair.

    Initial installation may take approximately 15 min, after that the FreeWheel clamps on and off in seconds.

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