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Good Morning everyone. We have had some great feedback on our off road wheelchair packs ( http://www.spokz.co.uk/Off-Road-Wheelchair-Pack/Off-Road-Wheelchair-Pack/116 ) so we'd like to share a review of one particular customer form whom it has made a huge difference: "Just wanted to say how impressed and happy we are with these wheels and FreeWheel. Before, we could access very little of the local forestry and beach and now we can almost access it all. Apart from large tree roots and large stones it eats every surface in its path. Mixed gravel, grass, sand whilst no more rattling her bones. It's brought a new lease of life to my disabled mother. Thank you."

Photo posted on: 8th Aug, 2016

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We have a brand new, unused Oracing F2 for sale at a crazy price! It has a seat width of 15" and a seat depth of 16.5". Please see the measurement drawings for all other measurements. It comes with: Folding Backrest Aluminium Sideguards Curved Backrest Handle Unitine Single Sided Caster Forks 4" Red Anodised Frogs Legs Soft Roll Casters Composite Brakes 25" Sun Fusion 16 Wheels Marathon Plus Evolution Tyres Hard Anodised Aluminium Push Rims Frame Protectors The price of the chair in this specification is £3,200, but we are selling it at £2,500 O.N.O. with free shipping. This will go quickly so if you want it let us know asap, info@spokz.co.uk.

Photo posted on: 29th Jun, 2016

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