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Status updated on: 21st Jan, 2015

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We are selling a brand new Oracing F2 titanium wheelchair. It was bought as a demo chair but is not needed and has not been used. It has a polished titanium main frame with aluminium backrest supports. Other specs are: * Carbon Fibre sideguards, seat plate and footrest plate * Unitine single sided caster forks with 5" soft roll casters * Composite scissor brakes * Tarta fully adjustable backrest * Folding backrest * 25" Sun Fusion 16 wheels with Marathon Plus Evolution Tyres and stainless steel push rims The chair's retail price with all these extras is £5,795, with the Tarta backrest usually retailing at £800 on its own. We are looking for £3600 to move it on. See the CAD drawings for full sizing details. Drop us an email if you are interested - info@spokz.co.uk

Photo posted on: 21st Jan, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!! Best wishes from us all at Spokz for a happy and successful 2015. We'll be adding new products to our range this year so watch this space for details......

Status updated on: 7th Jan, 2015

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Photo posted on: 7th Jan, 2015

Well that's it for 2014 everyone. Thank you for sharing on our page this year, it's great that we get a chance to interact with you all and read your comments. Thank you also for your custom, we really do have great customers. We wish you all a Merry Christmas/happy holiday and hope you have a successful and happy 2015. We will be back on 5th January for the start of another year with new products on the way, watch this space!!

Status updated on: 22nd Dec, 2014

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