Varilite Zoid™ Wheelchair Cushion

The VARILITE Zoid is the low-profile cushion of choice for active wheelchair users.

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Product Description

The VARILITE Zoid is the low-profile cushion of choice for active wheelchair users at moderate risk of tissue breakdown.

Therapists recommend the Zoid for individuals who need a low profile, tapered cushion without a medial thigh separator. Athletes value its lightweight design and vibration impact dampening. On the court. On the track. On the trail.

VARILITE Air-Foam Floatation, coupled with multi-stiffness foam, delivers superior pressure distribution. Functional areas of the Zoid are created by three types of foam: soft foam for the decubitus-sensitive area of the Its; medium foam for the thigh trough and pelvic bucketing; and firm foam for the perimeter.

Tapered design, low profile, stability, comfort, and simplicity have made the Zoid the preferred performance cushion for active wheelchair users. Ultralightweight, its tapered shape makes it ideal for rigid chairs, and its cover is designed to protect the thighs of users with tight hamstrings or who tuck their legs under their chair.

Air and Foam floatation

Functional areas of the cushion are created by three types of foam: soft foam for the decubitus-sensitive area of the Its; medium foam for main seat support area; and firm foam for the perimeter.

Bonding Zoid foam to coated fabric makes the cushion hold air. A valve releases air to immerse the user in the foam, the foam conforms to the user, and the user’s weight is distributed over the surface of the cushion.

Independent research has shown VARILITE air-foam floatation to be the #1 impact and vibration dampening technology (RESNA 2000).

Positioning Supports

Extra-firm, beveled foam increases lateral stability and sitting balance, while a large ischial pan protects the pelvis in both anterior and posterior pelvic tilt positions. There’s no medial thigh separator, so lower extremities can drift naturally into midline for better fit in a tapered chair.

Four-way-stretch Fabric

Two types of fabric are bonded to Zoid foam. Four-way-stretch knit is used on the top for maximum conformity during immersion, and nylon fabric is used on the bottom for added strength and durability. Both fabrics are puncture and water resistant.


Stylish and functional. Four-way-stretch mesh fabric wraps around the front edge to eliminate seams. Reticulated foam inside promotes air exchange and improves pressure distribution. The underside is a rugged nonslip material with hook and loop for added security. Zoid PSV cover meets ISO 7176-16 ignition resistance standards for upholstered wheelchair components. Machine washable.The VARILITE Zoid is the low-profile cushion of choice for active wheelchair users at moderate risk of tissue breakdown.



  • Cushion Composition: Air-Foam Floatation
  • Base Composition: No Base
  • Height: 2.9 in. (preloaded state)
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs. (18 x 18 in.)
  • Valve Type: Standard
  • Base Style: No Base
  • Chambers: Single
  • Maintenance: Once a week, allow your VARILITE cushion to fully inflate overnight with all valves open.
  • Warranty 2 Years, excluding cushion cover
  • 3-5 days delivery only
  • Reviews
    Customer Reviews (1)
    Very comfortable
    On the whole I am very pleased with my Zoid wheelchair cushion and although the cost is high it has proved far superior to any other product I have tried. The cushion has definitely increased my level of comfort when sitting still and when moving around, especially when bending forward or leaning to the side. It has also reduced the severity of my pressure sores - but it’s not a miraculous cure - I still need to remain sensible and careful.
    My only disappointment is with the Pressure Setting Valve (PSV).
    The claim made for the PSV is that it takes the guesswork out of cushion adjustment. The valve itself is easy to use but the numbers that tell you which setting it is on appear in a little window on the underside of the valve and this makes it hard to see them. I have to lean forward and bend the valve backward to peer into the little window to see if the number has appeared. In dim light I need a magnifying glass so all in all it’s easier to just let air out until it feels comfortable and not worry about what setting it’s on. The design of the cushion is excellent with a large area of softer foam for the coccyx and sitting bones, once settled into it I am comfortable and less fidgety for much longer than I am in other cushions.
    Despite the little annoyance with the valve I can definitely recommend this product because it has given me greater comfort, less pain and healthier skin.
    I bought a 40cmx40cm cushion because that’s the size of all my previous cushions but because the foam on the outer edge of the Zoid cushion is firmer I think now that slightly bigger would have been better. It’s non-returnable so think carefully about what size you choose.

    Review by WheelyYogi (Posted on 16/10/2019)
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