Surge & Surge LT Wheelchair Push Rim

The Surge is a lightweight, all-in-one oval handrim with a Gription™ Strip that improves traction on every push. The Surge does not add any width to your chair

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Product Description

Simple and Elegant: The Surge with Gription push rims.

The gription strip is a rubber strip that goes all the way around the top surface of the oval handrim. It is a high friction strip that provides a grippier propulsion surface. The grippier surface is particularly helpful when going up ramps, hills, or when traversing difficult surfaces. The remaing surfaces of the oval (the side surfaces) are hard anodised in black to provide a smooth braking surface.

Both the Surge and the Surge LT are the same all-in-one oval with Gription Strip. The only difference between the two is the size and weight of the oval. The surge uses a larger profileoval that is 1 1/2" long (top to bottom) and weighs 567 grams. The Surge LT uses a smaller profile oval(a smaller gripping surface for smaller hands) of 1 1/8" and it weighs less at 454 grams

The Surge will not add any width to your chair and is a stylish looking accessory.



  • Lightweight, all-in-one single component
  • Gription Strip improves traction on every push
  • Oval shape comes in two sizes to fit the hand
  • Smooth side surface means no-burn braking
  • Close-in mount or wide mount options
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    Customer Reviews (2)
    Not cost effective
    I originally rated this 5 stars. And really rated these rims. They are really amazing when brand new. Made a huge difference and gave me a level of independence back i had forgotten existed. But just 3 months on and the gription strip has worn away and no longer exists on most of the rims so they are barely useable and i'm back to square one. without the strip the rims are very slippy and it's very difficult to grip them especially when wet. for £260 for a pair that is just not good enough really in my eyes. REALLY dissapointed and absolutely gutted. The fact that you can't replace the grip i understood but i expected to get much longer than that out of them ! Review by Wendy (Posted on 24/06/2018)
    huge difference!
    Made a massive difference ! I was struggling with grip issues and pain in hands losing traction on normal rims, had tried many "hacks" and push on covers that just moved around and didn't really help! The surge have been amazing ! really easy to grip using less strength in my hands to propel but comfortable enough on the bottom of the rim to control and steer and slow down. Really worth the investment. Review by Wendy (Posted on 28/03/2018)
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