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  • Frogs Legs Phase 2 Hybrid Wheelchair Caster Forks

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    The new carbon fiber shock absorber added to the suspension family of products is the Phase 2 Hybrid. The definition of Hybrid is literally "a thing made by combining two different elements". This fork has many advantages over the original aluminum and is a culmination of improvements to the first carbon fiber release. The Hybrid features a newly designed aluminum top, the wedge progressive polymer, and a carbon fiber lower swing arm.

    Optimal Fiber Orientation -- The development of the carbon fiber swing arm is a result of Frog Legs' custom material innovation. Notice the curved line of this fork in contrast to the straight lines of the aluminum product. This curved design creates an optimized absorption zone. The Hybrid is lighter weight and offers equivalent tensile strength of 6061-T6 aluminum.

    Progressive Spring Rate -- The optimized absorption zone of the Phase 2 Wedge Polymer dramatically improves bump response providing a substantially smoother ride. The progressive wedge technology prevents bottoming out and biopacing by becoming more stiff as it compresses.

    The Hybrid is a simplified system that features a "one size fits all" user weight range up to 260 pounds for ease of ordering and inventory. Fits 3, 4, 5, or 6" diameter casters.

    Each pair of forks need to be built to your exact chair specification.


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