Scissor Lock Wheelchair Brakes

O-F Composite Locks™ take advantage of the most advanced materials technology to minimize weight and maximize function!

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Product Description

The OUT-FRONT Composite Locks™ take advantage of the most advanced materials technology to minimize weight and maximize function!   These wheel locks are made of fiber reinforced composite, which is much lighter than aluminum, yet just as strong.  Out-Front Composite Locks are extraordinarily easy to engage and disengage, and when engaged it holds the chair firmly in place.



  • Fibre reinforced composite
  • Up to 49% reduction in weight over standard wheel lock
  • Compact design minimises interference
  • Textured handles to prevent slipping
  • Reviews
    Customer Reviews (7)
    brake spring problem
    I too have bought loads of these, from various places) because they are the best to use and every one has failed within months. I took one to a local spring manufacturer for analysis. The springs break because they are too strong and destroy themselves.
    They supplied a computer designed spring which isn't as strong but does the job. 6 months later still ok. Looks like I have a fix.
    Review by Noel (Posted on 26/05/2021)
    Weak return spring
    Spokz delivered as requested but I have had to replace a few of these when the return springs break as it’s a weak point and not replaceable. Just found out there is now an aluminium equivalent available and you can get replacement springs for £2 each for them sounds much better than £45 to replace the whole thing. I’ll be switching next time one breaks Review by Jason (Posted on 14/05/2021)
    Good design, poorly executed.
    For use, these are my preferred design. They tuck out of the way and are super easy to use. As always, Spokz customer service is second to none. BUT like everyone else, I just wish the manufacturers would sort the defect with the spring. It doesn't last as long as it should and much of the life of my brakes is without the spring, before it crumbles completely and becomes landfill. Show me a decent alternative and I'll switch. Review by Guy (Posted on 03/08/2020)
    Spring issues
    As those above have said. The brakes work but the spring mechanism brakes after a few months of use. I have now bought 5 of these and never been able to get a refund or a replacement. Review by celimon (Posted on 19/04/2020)
    Broke the lever
    The brakes work fine, the lever break was caused by my wheelieing to get closer to the shower seat and it connected with the plastic seat as I dropped into position. One of those things I don't think I could repeat if I tried. Review by Chris (Posted on 29/10/2019)
    Issue after a few months
    I have bought 4 if these and as above, after a few months, all have failed. Issue with the spring. For the amount the you are paying, you would expect these tl last a while! Review by Bruno (Posted on 08/09/2019)
    spring breaks
    These are great devices. The best I have found so far. There is just one major problem I have found. The return spring breaks after just a few months use. I believe it is because the spring is too small for the pivot.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Review by Noel (Posted on 31/10/2018)
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