We try and source good quality products which will last and thus reduce waste.


Where possible we re-use packaging – so, it may not look nice and sparkly on the outside, but it’s what’s inside that counts! And if you can re-use our packaging then we can all start reducing waste.


Save Paper - Do you really need to print e-mails? We also prefer to email you rather than send paper copies – it saves on the trees!


Please re-use any Spokz packaging - can you use it as a bin bag, or use it to send something to someone else? If your product contains batteries, please purchase rechargeable ones: they have 28 times less impact on the environment. Batteries and small electricals can be recycled at your local recycling plant. You can also recycle or compost any paperwork you have received from Spokz or Spokz People (don't forget to shred confidential information).

Consider also using the blank back sides of your paper to write your shopping or to-do lists, the possibilities are endless! We are looking into how to recycle rubber (tyres and inner tubes) as we are aware that old tyres are used for road surfacing and for indoor gym floors. This is often through large businesses that recycle their rubber in bulk. As of yet we cannot find anywhere where individuals i.e. you can recycle your old tyres.

You could try your local household recycling centre, as different ones take different items. We will keep you posted if we come across anything else.

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