Carbolife Gekko Wheelchair Push Rim-26" - 590-6 Tab

Gekko push rim: revolutionary in ergonomics and design.

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Gekko push rim: revolutionary in ergonomics and design. The perfect ergonomics and outstanding design of this push rim makes it one of our most popular choices. Engineered and made in Germany by CarboLife.

Who is the Gekko push rim suited for?

For wheelchair users with complete hand function with either complete or limited hand strength.

What are the advantages of the Gekko push rims?

Its perfect ergonomics and outstanding grip properties along with its low weight make the Gekko push rim a unique, revolutionary handrim. The robust replaceable rubber strip, which is fully integrated into the profile, further enhances the exceptional handling quality of the handrim creating unrivalled riding comfort for you. Additionally, the anodised low-friction surface at the sides prevents heat generation during braking. The Gekko push rim is one of the best products on the market right now.

ABOUT CARBOLIFE – in their own words . . .

“Improving the everyday mobility and quality of life of wheelchair users with the help of our products – this is what motivates us. With this goal in mind, we – four engineers and friends – founded the Dresden based company CarboLife in 2013. The initial impetus towards giving serious thought to the mobility of wheelchair users came from joint activities and conversations with a wheelchair-riding friend. These occasions opened our eyes for the development potential of handrims to improve the mobility of wheelchair users. Against this backdrop, we developed our CURVE handrim. It owes its perfect ergonomic fit to the imprints we created using modelling clay and which ideally represent the natural anatomy of the hand.

Striving towards our goal to offer every wheelchair user the handrim tailored to their individual needs, to date we have developed a range of innovative handrims in close cooperation with wheelchair users, physiotherapists and specialist dealers. Besides our internationally patented handrims, we manufacture extremely robust high-quality components for wheelchairs from high-tech carbon material. Mobility aids are a vital part of people’s everyday life. Therefore, it is part and parcel of our work to bring together functionality, aesthetic appeal and lifestyle to create a perfect product”.



  • Hand function:  Complete hand function with complete hand strength, complete hand function with limited hand strength
  • Size:  24", 25"
  • Surface/Coating:  Anodized
  • Mounting:  6 Tab Mounting
  • Colour:  Black
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